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In Habakkuk 2:2, the Lord tells the prophets to write the vision down and make it plain. Divine communication is often spoken of in the prophetic writings as a vision. When the prophets were commanded to write anything, this denoted its great importance, and that its fulfillment was at some distance.


This holds true even today. When the Lord commands His people to write a vision and make it plain, that vision takes on substance and permanency, such that it will, at an appointed time, manifest in the kingdom of God.


You might say that when Dr. Frankie Bell wrote her memoir Choose to Win, she was doing exactly that. Her story is meant as a gift to all who read it, a message of hope brought to life in the form of a written, permanent record. This was her vision: that others might draw inspiration from her story and the lessons it teaches. 


It doesn’t end there. Frankie Bell is a leader, and so are you. You have your own life story and your own vision. You have what it takes to lead, but you must first shift into your true purpose, and that starts with documenting what God is telling you. 


That’s what this workbook is for, to take you where you have never been. A place where God’s love touches you every day. It takes work to get there, and no one can do it for you. Shifting requires movement, and movement is uncomfortable sometimes, especially when you are hurting. But that’s okay. With the help of these pages, you may discover your own vision… and your own purpose.

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